Monday, September 24, 2007

1st post in new home

Long time ago, i built a blog for my daughter. In nature i am such a lazy mom that i almost forgot to update it for one year.

One day, when i visited my old blog and found a comment there: “看博主的日记,一千字中就有50汉字不认识,每读完一段,只能了解大致上的意思。: 是用了方言吗?还是没有简化过的中文?”

Honestly, i wrote everything in Simplified Chinese. But my wordpress changed everything. It pushed me to find another new place, instead of clearning up the messy there. (Sorry, i am so lazy again.)

My sunshine now is 4-year-old. Every day i thought, oh, she just suddenly grew up to a 4-year-old big girl. Time flies. You always cannot remember what happened yesterday. She just grew up in one second.

Somtimes i felt i am gradually lost everything, such as my memory. For her, someday she may ask, mommy, when is my first dance class? She may ask, mommy, who is my first friend? (thanks god, it should not be Boy friend now.) Just for my memory.


gqshen said...

我也很奇怪为什么在Wordpress.com会出现中文乱码,但wordpress.com确实是比blogger.com好的多的blog service provider,放弃可惜了。;)

另外,一个小typo,Yaoyan 应该是 Yaoyao。

Unknown said...