Friday, November 16, 2007

I donot want to go to shcool today!

This moring i got a call, which was from Jessica.
J: Mom, I donot want to go to school today. I felt not good, i am coughing.
M: Oh, poor girl. Can i talk to your daddy?
J: Mom, is it ok not to go to school today?
M: if you really feel bad, you can stay at home. Let me talk to your daddy.

D: Yes, she is coughing but i donot think it is serious. (Loudly coughs are heard from the phone.) she pretended coughing now.
M: Then send her to daycare and you can pick her early.
J: No, mom said it is ok for me to stay at home. I want to talk to mom.
M: Ok, your daddy needs time to work so that you need to go to school. But he will pick you up early, earlier than mom. Ok?
J: Mom, i am coughing, i donot want to infect others in the daycare...
M: let me talk to your daddy.
M to D: Upon your decision.

1 hour later, when i called back, i found that she succesfully stayed at home today.

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