Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Mirror, Mirror, who is the pretties woman in the world?

Long time ago, there was a queen. She always asked the magic mirror on the wall every day: "Mirror, Mirror, who is the pretties woman in the world? "

This morning, Jessica was dressed up as a pink princess. She watched her reflection in the mirror, and admired herself so much " It is the pretties princess i saw in my life!" Althought the truth is this princess has a swallen nose with scratches, a swallen lip with cutting and a bump on the fronthead.

Every women will lose her clear mind if invovling any beauty or any beautiful thing, no matter how old she is.

Another thing, my dear Jessica insisted in changing her name. Now her first name is Auroal, the second name is Shang zhou yu jie (is there any second name in the world?) and the last name is Shang.


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I will ask her dad to upload pictures of parade to flickr.