Friday, October 26, 2007

I cannot read Chinese at all!

I changed a job.The system here is English-based. I only can see all of my old posts are little squares. :-(

Jessica is pretty happy. In the morning, i always leave before 7:20am when she didnot wake up. Dad will wrap her up and send her to school. But i can pick her up by 5 pm. She happily claims that mom comes ealier than jacks' mom now.

She had been given a terrible time-out the night before last night. it was dinner time. Her dad asked her to get ready for dinner. She refused "You are trash! Get away!'

It was our first time to hear that she used this kind of dirty and irrespective words. She was quickly sent to the TO room. Her dad wanted to know where she got this kind of word, whether she heard other kids to use this kind of words. She insisted in making these words by herself.

The TO almost lasted half an hour because her dad didnot believe she can make these dirty words by herself. It may be ture, but, may be not true. Does she really understand the detailed meaning of 'being trash'? In addition, if she got it from daycare, who said it? Does the enviroment of this daycare need to be reevaulated again? Anyway, to us, it was not a happy thing to know, either she can make dirty words, or she can learn dirty words from her friends.

I just asked her to promise two things now: donot say dirty words to others; if hearing someone else to use dirty words, report to her teacher or us.

Sometimes it is also not a happy thing to hear our kid using another language to laugh us at!